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The Swinging Ducks™ (2 Pack)

The Only thing your Car is Missing is a Cute Duck!

What to do when you  feel tired while driving?  then you came to the right place! Our The Swinging Ducks™ is  your best choice!

Our rocking duck can also be used as a car aromatherapy. You only need to put 2-3 drops of essential oil and aromatherapy on the rocking duck, and the scent can be spread all over the car.

It can make you feel refreshed and not tired when driving.Our swing duck can not only be used in the rearview mirror of the car, but also can be used in your office or home to hang in the garden, window sill, kitchen, etc.

High Quality: The swing duck is hand-made with high-quality plaster material,with full color,delicate touch,exquisite workmanship,stylish and beautiful.It is very suitable for hanging car rearview mirrors.

Thoughtful Design: Design and size of the duck are very cute,and the lanyard can be adjusted to avoid affecting the driving sight or hitting the windshield.When driving or blowing in the wind,the duck will swing to relieve visual fatigue and add a lot of fun to your driving.


Multi-use: Hanging pendants are also car ornaments hung on the rearview mirror,or hung on windows,terraces,and doors.As a kind of decoration,it can add vitality to the vitality and temperament of cars and offices.

Perfect Gift: This will be the perfect gift for family and friends.Your friends and family will love our cute swing duck.


  • Material:Plaster
  • Product Weight:60g
  • Size:6*3 cm/2.36*1.18 inch


  • 1 x The Swinging Ducks™