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My Infinote Lamp
My Infinote Lamp

My Infinote Lamp


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  • Leave beautiful personalized messages for your loved ones
  • Perfect as a room decoration and a lamp
  • Perfect message board for couples and families

Leave Precious Handwritten Messages For Your Loved Ones!

This lovely  My Infinote Lamp  will make your messages more personalized, intimate and connected. 

Watch How NoteLampβ„’ Works

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Bring Your Messages To Light

Decades ago, love letters is the trend, technology and intimacy wise as it shows their lover's thoughts and handwriting.

Wouldn't it be fun to read your love's handwritten messages too?

This My Infinote Lamp  will do just that! Miss them? Write it out for them to see!

Give And Receive Sweet Messages From Loved Ones

My Infinote Lamp is a  touch-sensitive, adjustable light color and fully controllable technology that you can give to your special someone to stay connected wherever they are.

It can also serve as a drawing board, doodling board, memo board, and calendar, and it is also a nice decoration for your room.

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